The Crew

J.S. Lewis (Jaraldo Sven)
Gamer Since 1996

First Console: NES (family) / Nintendo 64 (personal)

Favorite Games: The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New VegasGrand Theft Auto series, Halo series, Red Dead Redemption, Fable, Minecraft, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mafia, The Sims, StarCraft, Super Mario Bros. series, Mario Kart DS, Portal

Specialities: Open-world and sandbox, first-person perspective experiences, action and adventure, sidescrollers, action role-playing games, Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG)

Enmities: Turn-based role-playing games (RPGs), massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), sports games

Current Game Systems: Xbox 360, Mac, iOS, Nintendo DSi

Still Have: Xbox, Nintendo 64 (N64), Game Boy Color (GBC)

Dream Game: An open-world Western with fantasy and RPG elements

Additional Gaming Cred:

- Used to blog on The Video Game Tome
- Former editor of the technology page for my high school newspaper
- Worked at GameStop for a spell (covered Xbox 360 launch!)
- Emeritus officer of Video Games Are My Entertainment (VGAME) club at Brigham Young University 
- Directed & edited a "Still Alive" music video
- Made "Louie's Adventure" using RPG Maker

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The Film Tome

Joshua Matern
Gamer Since 1994

First Console: Sega Genesis

Favorite Games: The Elder Scrolls series,  Halo series, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II, Alan Wake, Jet Force Gemini, Super Smash Brothers (All), Total War series, Civilization III and IV, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life series, Prince of Persia series

Specialities: Open-world and sandbox, freeware, first-person shooters (FPSs), third-person shooters (TPSs), third-person action-adventure, strategy, platformers

Enmities:  Sports games

Current Game Systems: Xbox 360, PC, iOS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Still Have: Xbox, Nintendo 
Gamecube, N64

Dream Game: Steampunk/western or sci-fi/cyberpunk setting MMORPG with all gameplay and game evolution determined by player interaction and choices

Additional Gaming Cred:

- Started a video game club at Brigham Young University, Video Games Are My Entertainment (VGAME)
- Helped start and starred in a "Still Alive" music video

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Trent Allgood
Gamer Since 1993

First Console: DOS 

Favorite Games: King's Quest VI, Half-Life 2, Fallout: New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls IV-V, Worms 4: Mayhem, Age of Empires II-III, Mario 64, Stubbs the Zombie, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Specialities: PC Gaming: FPS, open-world, Sierra adventure games, RTS, RPG

Enmities: Sports games (sans NFL Blitz 64)

Current Game Systems: PC, Android

Still Have: DOS Box, emulators, unfulfilled childhood dreams of owning the original Game Boy

Dream Game: I hope that the apocalypse happens in my lifetime and that it is like the Fallout series...except I'm tall and would be an easy head-shot so hopefully aim-assist is off.

Additional Gaming Cred:

Back in my day we had to insert a 5 1/4 floppy and enter in words into a command-line to start a game - blowing into a cartridge was a luxury, not to mention kids these days with their fancy digital downloads.

More Me:
- Trentflix

Casey "Baby Gorilla" Holt
Gamer Since 1993

First Console: Sega Genesis 

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy series, Resident Evil series, Fallout Series, and of course The Elder Scrolls series.

Specialities: Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs), third-person "loot fest" action RPGs, FPSs, massive multiplayer online (MMOs), Turn-based strategy, indie, Old school, fighters, adventure, survival horror, arcade racers, arcade sports, platformer/puzzle, sidescrollers, espionage action

Sports simulators, "Menus" The Game (i.e. Civilization)

Current Game Systems: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, 3DS, DSi, PSP

Still Have: Gamecube, N64, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Game Boy Micro 

Dream Game: Steam Punk Zelda

Additional Gaming Cred:

Worked at GameStop for 4 years

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Ritchie Carpenter
Gamer Since 1996

First Console: Game Boy Pocket

Favorite Games: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Banjo Tooie, The Legend of Zelda: Wind WakerPikmin 2, Half-Life 2, Dragon Quest 8, Mother 3, Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Specialities: Anything/everything Nintendo, JRPGs, strategy role-playing games (SRPGs), indie, platformers, puzzle

Enmities: Sports games and real-time strategies (RTSs)

Current Game Systems: PC, PS3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, DSi

Still Have: Retro-Duo(NES & SNES), Genesis, Game Boy Pocket, N64, GBC, Dreamcast, PS2, GBA, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, GBA SP, GB Micro

Dream Game: Turn-based RPG with rhythm based fighting mechanics

Additional Gaming Cred:

-Level 12 wizard

More Me:
- Blog
- Tumblr

William Hormell
Gamer Since 1999

First Console: Sega Genesis

Favorite Games: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Halo series

Specialities: RPGs, FPSs, RTSs, and the occasional MMORPG.

Enmities: Anything stealthy, no matter how hard I try I always want to jump right in and cut someone up in Assassin's Creed... They aren't too fond of that.

Current Game Systems: Xbox 360, PC, iOS

Still Have: I don't have any of my old systems anymore.... I miss my old GBC.

Dream Game: I love Star Wars games. I would love another KOTOR type game maybe with a bit of first person in it like the old Jedi Knight games but with the upgraded graphics of today and a better story line.

Additional Gaming Cred:

I've had multiple systems from many companies and have always stuck with Microsoft (Xbox). Oh, and for handheld Nintendo rules. Hands down. I don't care how old I get, Pokemon is something that I have played and would probably play again just for nostalgia's sake.

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