Thursday, November 8, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars (Preview)

November 8, 2012
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC & Windows 8

Developed by Rovio Entertainment
Published by Rovio Entertainment

As ridiculous as it looks Angry Birds Star Wars seems pretty solid.

In the very first post of These Things We Call Video Games I referenced the phenomenon that is the Angry Birds series of video games. Merchandising aside it has amassed millions of dollars and over a billion downloads the world over. The game follows the strategy of many successful mobile games: it only takes a minute to learn and then serves dozens (sometimes hundreds) of levels for you to conquer equaling hours of on-the-go game play. I still have yet to be finished with the original game even though I have acquired sequels like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space, perhaps it was the latter that paved the way to a galaxy far, far away with the latest installment, Angry Birds Star Wars.

These beloved characters have been bizarrely morphed into birds... Angry Birds Star Wars (2012)
Your new fleet of birds take on the appearance of any number of characters from the original, beloved Star Wars trilogy, including an enlarged Chewbacca-like fowl and even a light saber-wielding Luke of a bird. You play as the Rebels while those infamous green piggies take on various forms of the Empire, including Lord Vader himself. It's kooky as can be, but as the gameplay trailer above showcases, it looks to handle exceptionally well. At the end of the day that is all that really matters in a game of this type.

As long as you're not purchasing the Kinect-enabled version for Xbox 360 (which I'm still shaking my head at) you can pick up Angry Birds for just a dollar or two and sometimes even for free! I imagine Angry Birds Star Wars  will be the same formula. Accessibility (in both the gaming platform and its pick-up-and-play style) for these titles ensures that if it is something you're interested in, you can easily gain access to it. If you have a smart phone or hand-held device that's worth its chips, or even a computer, you should be able to find Angry Birds Star Wars this week!

Words by J.S. Lewis

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