Friday, November 2, 2012

The Reason I Still Haven't Beaten Resident Evil 6...

I've been a big fan of Resident Evil since day one. I remember playing the first game with a buddy down the street from me and screaming like girls all the way through. Over the years since that wonderful experience, the series has changed for the better and for worse. The series has gone from shambling zombies in a high tension atmosphere with crappy controls to a high stakes action shooter with horror elements also with crappy controls. That is not to say that the Resident Evil series have become bad games by any means; they are still very entertaining. 

With the latest in the series, Resident Evil 6, a new mode has been added called "Agent Hunt." In this mode, players can join someone else's game as a monster to try and kill that person. This mode is very rewarding for both players.

The video above gives you some idea of what the mode is like. Though it is not exactly due to this why I can't get to the end of the freaking game. The "defense," is where I get stuck. Yeah, I can easily turn off all players being able to enter my game. On the other hand, with the amazing rewards and the feeling of triumph you get when you beat somebody (who joined your game with the intention to mess you up) with your bare hands until they leave is amazing. This... is why I cannot beat the game. Agent Hunt mode is just too much fun. Having players join my game only to leave after I beat them to a bloody pulp has entertained me for hours and hours. I feel I should mention I have had this game since day one too, and have only completed one of the three campaigns available. Hopefully soon I can complete this game and give it a proper review, but until then my fists will be red with the blood of players who dare to join my game!

Words by Casey "Baby Gorilla" Holt

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