Friday, November 9, 2012

The Elder Scrolls Online (Preview)


Developed by Zenimax Online Studios

Published by Bethesda Softworks

Woohoo! Finally some Elder Scrolls Online footage!

Zenimax Online released a video containing actual in-game footage today! I have to say this makes me very excited as I've been very skeptical up to this point. Elder Scrolls has always been a single player experience... and how are they going to make it "feel" like an Elder Scrolls entry while maintaining modern MMO standards? Well the video above begins to ask our many questions and I have to say the answers are looking good!

The combat looks like it is going to be very similar to TERA's (i.e. left-click to attack, right-click to block etc.), whereas questing and PvP will be more like Guild Wars 2. With an emphasis on exploration, hopefully the questing will be much more interesting than other MMO's. PvP is always a big deal, and in Elder Scrolls they make sure it is a well rounded experience stating that every player will be on equal grounds so that it's skill, not gear that gets you kills.

That's really all I can find at this time! Expect more information as it comes!

Words by Casey "Baby Gorilla" Holt

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